Sunday, May 2, 2010

Food - Sardine Puffs

SARDINE / MEAT PUFFS - Had not done this one for ages. Simply due to time constraint and I do not have a helper to assist. So whenever I made these, my spouse would be the victim.  8-)

Stage 1 : Prepare the fillings ( I will write with illustrations on this, the next round I do some, bcoz it was after the dough was almost done when I tot of uploading this )

Sardine fillings:  
1 can of sardines (medium can) drain off the sauce
2 big onions ( diced or thinly sliced )
1 fresh chilly (diced or thinly sliced) - you can add as many as you want
2 Lime extract the juice or 3 tbs of thick tamarind juice
2 tbs tomato sauce ( if you like)
3 shallots ( pounded)
2 cloves of garlic ( pounded)

Saute shallots and garlic till brown. Add in sardines, chopped big onion, chilly, lime juice or tamarind juice. Mash the sardine to fine texture and cook till simmer. Add tomato sauce and salt / sugar to taste.
( I personally like the filling to be a little bit on the sweet side ). Cook till all liquid evaporates.
Remove from heat, set aside to drain off excess liquid using sieve. The filling should be dry, so that it would not leak when its time to fry. Stage 2 : Prepare the dough ( I will write with illustrations on this the next round I do some bcoz it was after the dough almost done that I tot of uploading the photos to this blog )

Stage 3 : Prepare puffs

1) Flatten the dough using a rolling pin

2) Use a round mould to cut dough into round pieces

3) Spoon the fillings into the centre of the round puff skin and fold into two. Press the ends with your fingers to seal it up.

4) Twist the sides to double seal the puff, also to make it pretty.

5) Fry puff in a wok. Oil must cover the puffs in the wok. Fry with slow fire till brown.
Bon Apetite


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