Thursday, May 6, 2010

Food - Sahara Tent Restaurant

Since we had missed my son's and mom's birthday celebration this year due to time constraint among other things, I tot, why not just celebrate both on 1st May.

So I had decided to surprise them by having dinner at Sahara Tent Restaurant, Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam. This is a one of its kind restaurant with arabic features which serves Arabic food and delicacies.

The restaurant was nicely decorated to make patrons feel as if they are entering into an arabian atmosphere. With red cushions and its unique ambience. However we didn't get to sit at this unique tables as the restaurant was already almost full by the time we arrived. So we had a table on the terrace instead.

According to a friend, Sahara Tent was founded by 4 Saudi Arabian cheff who came here to introduce their Arabic Food. Sahara Tent is renowed for its Middle Eastern Cuisine. For a really exotic experience patrons could try their Shisha Pipes. They have apple, orange and strawberry flavored tobacco for this. I think its around about RM10 per session or something.

The dish - Beriyani Lamb and Chicken as well as Mandi Lamb were superb. I would recommend this one for sure.

The drinks - Arabic tea was ok , though I had to add sugar to it as it was a bit strong. But, readers, please, please, please, you need a strong gutt to take on Turkish Coffee.. Order this if you can down a cup of purely blended Cinnamon, corriander and clover served in an expresso sized cup. No hint / tint / taste of coffee at all.. O dear, I saw stars and could only take 5 sips and I surrendered. (And I thought confinement medicinal herb was bad). Had to order a Mirinda instead.  Dont get discouraged though, they do serve normal drinks.

For desert - we tried  Mahalabia which is sweet puding-like dish with a tint of jasmine.

This Restaurant is indeed a place to dine in ambience and style, but a wee bit pricy for me. Good for special occasions or celebrations. I would  / can only afford to bring the whole calvary here once a year... Spent just under RM200 for 6 ppl but bear in mind this was including the extra drinks as some of us just could not stomach the Turkish Coffee. It is indeed an acquired taste. Nevertheless, I would definitely come back to try other delicacies they have. Perhaps we might try their Bakhlava.

Ambiance: 4 star
Food:          4 star
Price:          Pricy but worthit approx RM20 - RM40 per head


mr.khabatha said...

correction if i may...
the founder is an Iraqi, not a saudi !

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