Sunday, May 2, 2010

Food - Laksa Johor

This one is one of my family favourite.

(please note that the ingredients' quantity I have written here is an estimate because as with any traditional cooking one has to use all one's senses to taste and smell the dish to make it perfect to one's tastebuds)

Stage 1 : Preparing the Laksa Gravy


5   shallots (pounded or thinly sliced)
2   tbs of grounded / pounded dried shrimp (soak in warm water for 10 mins and drain off before pounding)
2   pieces of dried Kurau fish meat
3   pieces of lemon grass
1   stem of Kantan Flower
1   handfull of Daun Selasih (basil leaf)
3   pices of drid tamarind
2   tsb of ground dried chili ( chili boh )
1   small packet of Fish curry powder (mixed with cold water and made into paste)

2   grounded coconut to make a thick coconut milk ( 1 bowl ) and thin coconut milk (2 - 3 bowls)
1   small packet of Fish curry powder (mixed with cold water and made into paste)
3   pieces of cleaned Terubuk Fish, boil with some ginger and salt. ( water must cover fish and keep the soup for later use) Once cook, drain and de-bone. Put into a blender and blend with coconut milk no. 2.

Saute shallots in hot oil. Add dried shrimp & lemon grass. Then add ground dried chilies and fish curry paste. 
Add the blended fish and let it cook. Keep stirring.
Add on Selasih / Basil leaf and Kantan Flower as well as the thin coconut milk.
Once simmer, add the dried kurau fish & dried tamarind pieces.
Let simmer till the dish reduced to thick gravy. Add the thick coconut and further simmer for half hour or till gravy is thick.

Stage 2 : Prepare the Sambal Belacan 


5-6 big fresh red chillies (remove the seeds)
2    big fresh green chillies (remove the seeds)
2    Kasturi Lime
2"   Grilled Belacan  (shrimp paste)
Salt and sugar

Pound all into paste - do not use blender

Stage 3 : Prepare the Laksa dressing

3   Cucumber - shreded
1   Kantan Flower - sliced thinly
A handful of Selasih / Basil leaf - finely chopped / sliced
Some Kasturi lime
2   Big purple onions thinly sliced (do not use the orange onions - purple onions are sweeter)
A handful of beansprout
A handful of mint leaves (finely chopped / sliced)


Laksa Johor gravy is usually served over spagetti accompanied by the complimentary dresings and Sambal Belacan on the side.

(Generally the Lasksa Johor taste should be a balance of creamy, salty, slightly sour, with a tang of sweetness. Nicely blended aroma of herb and spices yet not too spicy hot - should never taste like curry eventhough using curry paste)

Bon Apetite


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