Friday, April 23, 2010

Grandma's Beautiful Magic Wooden Spoon - Mr. Stanley

Let me start my 1st story.

It is about my 1st encounter with this little creature, which later on, I'd always refer to as Mr. Stanley.

One fine evening, I took out my new set of toys, a present from my dad. And went out onto the lawn to play.

It was my 1st golf set, pink in colour and made of plastic. It intrigued me to watch the ball go where I aimed it to go and it amazes me to watch the ball fly up into the air and land on the ground, as I varied the strength of my swing. Used to chuckle everytime the ball flew up in the air. The higher it went, the louder the chuckle.  

Then one of my strokes led the ball into a row of tall grass, bordering a marsh, bordering a river. Naturally I went to retrieve the ball.

There...... I could see the ball but then I would have to crawl. On my knees, I parted the tall grass and guess what else I saw??

This beautiful wooden spoon!!
Glittering under the evening sun, brownish, silverish and yellowish in colour. It just stood upright on the ground... about maybe 3 ft away?

I said to myself, what is Grandma's spoon doing here? It must have ran away. I must take it back to Grandma or she will miss her spoon. This one is very pretty.

So I quickly grabbed the white ball and just as I was about to reach out to the spoon, it moved!! 

Wow...MAGIC SPOON!!!    I say. 

Now where is the Fairy? A beautiful spoon like this must have fairies guarding it??
Are there more??

All of a sudden I heard my Grandma's piercing scream from our house, startling my thoughts. I saw people running towards me in a haste, ashen face. 

I was bewildered with all these commotions. The next thing I remembered was being grabbed roughly, by a boy, and taken straight back to my Grandma. But in the midst of this chaotic moment I managed to wave gingerly at the wooden spoon as I vividly remember, it was swaying from side to side, as if it was waving at me. Good-Bye wooden spoon, I said to quietly.

I was 3 then and only years later I came to realise that the magic beautiful wooden spoon was actually a COBRA. 

O my. My 1st brush with death.  Yaaaiiks!!! 

Don't know since when, but as I grew older, I developed extreme fear of this creature. There could have been an incident which had occurred, and I had blocked myself from remembering. Anyhow since its very difficult for me to even utter the word without having hair stand at the end, I prefer to call this creature as Mr. Stanley. a.k.a. Stanley the Snake.

It rhymes.


My next story will be on "MA'JUN" or  Traditional Medicinal Vitamin. An incident, again, between my beloved Grandma and I

or /and

My 1st kite flying experience, which seriously, I will never forget. This one is between my Dad and I.


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